June 2016 Safety Reminder

Keeping you and your family safe is a big deal. But sometimes, it is the little changes you make that add up to a big difference. Here are some residential security tips to help every member of the family feel safe and secure.

  1. Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for dust and lint build up that can hinder sensors.
  2. Whether you are buying, building or just remodeling your home make sure to select roofing that is fire resistant.
  3. If possible, install a locked mailbox at your home and never put outgoing mail containing personal information in an unsecured out-box or in your mailbox for pick up.
  4. To help prevent tipping off burglars, if you plan to be away from home for an extended period of time, set your phone ringer to the lowest volume.
  5. Never leave notes on your door for service people or visitors when you are not home. It’s a signal to burglars that the home is empty.
  6. Do not use indoor extension cords outdoors. A safe outdoor cord will read “Suitable for Use with Outdoor Appliances.”
  7. If your power goes out, a full freezer can hold food safely for up to 48 hours.
  8. It is recommended to have interconnected smoke alarms. These alarms are linked together; if one alarm is triggered they all go off.
  9. Never attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries. Attempting to recharge non-rechargeable batteries could cause the batteries to explode.
  10. Oily rags can easily combust, even without being exposed directly to a flame. Hang them outside to dry, and then throw them away in a metal can with a lid when finished.

The following is a list of activities that many residents continue to express concern about and which we remind everyone of at least once a year. The great news is that most of us do most of these things most of the time so the challenge for each of us is to change the word “most” to “all” if we want to continue to have the kind of beautiful, friendly, quiet and safe community we all desire! Safety is of increased concern now that we have many new families with small children who need our constant protection especially now that we’re on Standard Time and darkness occurs very early.


  • Observe the 25 mph speed limit and slow down when pedestrians are present.
  • Make full stops at all stop signs and right turns 24/7.
  • Keep roadways clear of vehicles overnight to permit easy access of emergency/maintenance vehicles and to enhance the appearance of the community.
  • Vehicles parked on a roadway should be facing the same direction as traffic so that your red tail light reflectors are effective.
  • Park at least 30 feet (2 car lengths) back from the Sorrel/Silverside Roads intersection and stop sign so as to not block movement of vehicles at that dangerous intersection.
  • Be cautious and patient when approaching a school bus stop with children present.
  • Stop at the stop line and over the sensor wires at the Coachman/Shipley Roads intersection so the signal will cycle for you.
  • Parking of unattached trailers and oversized motor vehicles on roadways is prohibited. (see attachment)
  • Parking of boats and camping vehicles on residential property is restricted by County Code.

PEDISTRIANS & BICYCLES (the attached Pedestrians’ Rights and Duties are critical to reducing pedestrian casualties)

  • Walk on the left side facing traffic. This will protect you from being hit by a vehicle that you couldn’t see and might not have heard!
  • Carry a light or reflector at night.
  • Yield the right-of-way to vehicles.
  • Ride bikes on the same side as cars

ANIMALS (see attachment for Codes regarding animals and noise)

  • Restrain dogs at all times when off property with a leash (in hand) of maximum 20 foot length.
  • Remove excrement immediately.
  • Quiet a constantly barking dog.

NOISE (see attachment for Codes regarding noise)

  • Schedule loud equipment jobs to begin after 9:00 AM.

 Be vigilant, be prepared and report all suspicious activity immediately to 9-1-1


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Upcoming Meeting on the Forwood Property

Community Meeting to Discuss Preliminary Redevelopment Plan for the Former Forwood Schoolhouse on Silverside Road near Marsh Road

Monday, April 18th at 7:00pm
Location: Brandywine High School Auditorium, 1400 Foulk Road, Wilmington, DE 19803

Dear community leaders and friends,

I am pleased to facilitate a community meeting on Monday, April 18, 2016 at 7:00pm in the Brandywine High School Auditorium, 1400 Foulk Road, so that we as a community can learn about the revisions to the redevelopment plans for the former Forwood Schoolhouse. These modifications have been implemented since the time of our last community meeting with the applicant and his representatives on July 8, 2015. The developer has continued to work closely with the New Castle County Department of Land Use regarding community and land use department concerns; and has now submitted an Exploratory Sketch Plan for Land Use Department Review. All documents are posted at http://www3.nccde.org/project/details/default.aspx?ProjectKey=536326 .

With the submission of an exploratory sketch plan by the applicant, this plan will move forward to New Castle County Council for introduction and a subsequent New Castle County Planning Board Public Hearing. The New Castle County Land Use Department will not schedule a Planning Board Public Hearing until after the State PLUS report has been reviewed by the New Castle County Land Use Department. For more details about the State of Delaware “PLUS” Review process, please visit www.stateplanning.delaware.gov/plus .

The introduction of a plan legally requires a member of County Council to sponsor a formal Resolution of Introduction. This is a major land development plan, coupled with a rezoning; which either must be sponsored by the district councilperson or by the County Council President. As district councilperson, I have opted to be the sponsor. Being a sponsor does not mean support; but enables me to control the progress of the plan through the County Council legislative process.

For the past 20 years I have been involved with various iterations of the Forwood parcel development plans. At the time of the initial rezoning over 20 years ago, I represented our community as CCOBH Zoning Vice President. Since that time, as both a neighbor of the parcel and as our district councilperson, I have engaged in numerous collaborative meetings with the former owner and current owner and our community.

At our first community meeting with the applicant on July 8, 2015, the applicant proposed a pedestrian friendly village, centered around an internal pedestrian precinct with integrated pathways. We were generally supportive of this concept; but emphasized that: 1) we deserve a thoughtful land use development plan with architectural excellence, quality construction materials, and first class design elements; 2) we deserve walkability so that we can all enjoy the option to walk to where we live, shop, work and play; 3) we deserve information about traffic impact and expect our new neighbor and our county government to consider our traffic concerns; 4) we deserve respect for the intrinsic history of the original Forwood School and integration of the historic structure into our new community addition.

Like you, I look forward to learning about the developer’s revised proposal. As has been my practice during my 20 years as your County Councilperson, I do not meet alone with developers, applicants or their attorneys. I requested this community meeting so that we will see the revised plan together. The community will continue to play an integral role as we go forward together through the public hearing process.

Here is information about the proposed plan provided by the developer:

“Developer Joe Setting, of Montchanin-based Setting Properties Inc., proposes a new mixed-use project, Branmar Commons, on the land containing the former Forwood Schoolhouse near Silverside and Marsh roads. Plans for the 11.5-acre site call for 38 townhomes as well as 32,000 square feet of commercial retail that includes a restaurant, a bank, a coffee shop, and a pharmacy. The proposal is a pedestrian oriented, walkable village with high architectural design standards and quality construction materials, designed around open and landscaped green areas.

Reclaimed stone from the Forwood Schoolhouse will be repurposed into a replica structure measuring 20’ x 22’. The schoolhouse replica will be placed in a prominent location on the site as an attractive and historically significant focal point for the village.

This proposal will create and foster a vibrant and pedestrian-friendly community in Brandywine Hundred. The design of Branmar Commons, with sidewalks both internal to the site and connecting to the neighboring commercial properties along Silverside Road, encourages residents and visitors to comfortably spend a portion of their day walking throughout the village and enjoying the amenities that will be offered, including attractive landscaping and pedestrian features as well as public gathering spaces.

The existing residential neighborhoods will be substantially buffered from Branmar Commons through a combination of landscaping and natural vegetation. The proposed buffer ranges from 43’ up to 270’, and all buildings will be setback a minimum of 94’ from the existing property line adjacent to the residential neighborhoods. Plans for the proposal, including architectural renderings, will be presented at the scheduled community meeting. The project will require a rezoning.

The community meeting has been scheduled for Monday, April 18th at 7:00pm in the Brandywine High School auditorium.”

The property is zoned NCSD Semi-Detached Residential for residential development. The proposed concept would require a rezoning. The County Land Use Department professional planners will be in attendance at our community meeting and will be carefully considering our thoughtful comments and questions.

We as a community will be engaged in the public hearing process to assure that this site is consistent with community character, respectful of our traffic capacity, is walking and bike friendly, and architecturally enhances our community.

For additional information or questions, please contact my office at 302-395-8362.

Best wishes to all.
Bob Weiner, your County Councilman

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Keep an Eye out for Unusual Activity

Please be alert and call police if you see anything unusual. Better safe than sorry!

New Castle County police are investigating a series of burglaries at homes in the northern part of the county Monday.
Officers fielded five residential burglary reports during the day in Nordic Dell, South Graylyn Crest, Webster Farms and Sherwood Gardens, Cpl. Tom Jackson said. Another three burglaries were reported in the Harbor House apartment complex during the same time, as well, he said.
County detectives are heading up the investigation and ask anyone with information to contact police.
The department also reminded residents to lock their doors and windows while leaving the house, as well as consider investing in a residential alarm that will call police to the scene faster, Jackson said. Residents should also “Park Smart” — lock your vehicle, secure valuables and take the keys with you, he added.
Anyone who spots a vehicle out of place should contact police at (302) 573-2800, 911 or nccpd.com.
Tips may also be provided to Delaware Crime Stoppers at (800) TIP-3333, on Facebook at New Castle County Police Department or through the New Castle County Police smartphone application.


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Stay Safe this Holiday

With the holidays approaching we just wanted to take a moment and remind everyone to keep an eye out for suspicious activity. If possible have someone home or talk with a neighbor about receiving packages rather than leaving them at your front door. And as always, make sure to lock your cars at night.

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9th Annual Law Enforcement Career Fair

NOBLE – Delaware Chapter

9th Annual Law Enforcement Career Fair
Wednesday, November 4, 2015
10:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Delaware State University
MLK Student Center – 2nd Floor
1200 N. DuPont Highway Dover DE 19901

Abington Police Department
Amtrak Police
Baltimore County Police
Cherry Hill (NJ) Police Department
Division of Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement
Delaware Council on Gambling Problems
Department Corrections Department
Delaware Department of Labor
Delaware Probation and Parole
Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families
Delaware State Police
Delaware State University Police Department
Delaware State University Master’s Program
Dover Police Department
Durham (North Carolina) Police Department
Fairfax County Police Department
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Drug Enforcement Agency
Howard County (MD) Police Department
Maryland Natural Resources Police Department
Middletown Police Department
New Castle County Police Department
New Jersey State Police
Newark Police Department
Pennsylvania State Police
Philadelphia Police Department
Prince George County (MD) Police Department
University Delaware Police Department
US Secret Service
Wilmington Police Department

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Fall Yard Sale

The fall yard sale will take place on October 24th from 8am until 12pm. Time to clear out those attics, crawl spaces and sheds!

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Fall 2015 Newsletter is Available!

We’ve released the fall edition of our community newsletter. Happy Reading!

Sept. 2015 Newsletter

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Artifacts from last night’s Forwood Property Meeting

This gallery contains 7 photos.

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Community Meeting Notice – Forwood School Parcel Development Plans





6:30 p.m.


Compliments of Bob Weiner, your County Councilman

“Making County Government Work for Us”

Council District 2, New Castle County, DE


Louis Hinkle, aide to Councilman Weiner: 302-395-8362


I am pleased to facilitate a community meeting on Wednesday, July 8, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. at the Brandywine Hundred Library on Foulk Road to discuss the Forwood Property located on Silverside Road.  The developer has been working closely with the Department of Land Use over the last several months regarding potential options and is now prepared to present a Plan to the community.  In our effort to keep you up to date on what is happening in our community, here is information about the proposed plan provided by the developer.


Developer Joe Setting, of Montchanin-based Setting Properties Inc., wants to develop the former Forwood School near Silverside and Marsh roads to make way for Branmar Commons, a 35-townhouse and commercial project. Plans for the 12-acre site call for three-story townhomes and five buildings with 30,000 square feet of retail, restaurants, bank coffee shop and a pharmacy. (See added information below)











The proposed Branmar Commons is intended to be a pedestrian oriented, walkable village with a high quality architectural design.  It is comprised of a mixture of uses, including retail, a restaurant, a bank, a pharmacy, a coffee shop, and approximately 35 residential dwelling units, clustered around open space greens, on approximately 12 acres of land located along Silverside Road between the Shoppes of Graylyn and the Silverside Dairy Commercial Complex.  Reclaimed stone from the existing Forwood Schoolhouse will be repurposed into a small scale replica of the schoolhouse on the site to create an attractive focal point for the village.  The proposal would be to create a community that encourages its residents, as well as residents of the surrounding communities, to visit the village and spend a portion of their day there, enjoying and visiting (by foot) all of the amenities and benefits that the village will offer. The existing neighborhoods have been substantially buffered from the village with a combination of landscaping and natural vegetation. The buffer ranges from 60’ to 175’. All buildings will be setback a minimum of 100’ from the existing property line adjacent to the neighborhoods.  Plans for the proposal, including architectural drawings, will be presented at the scheduled community meeting.  A zoning change from the New Castle County Council will be required.


For additional information or questions, please contact our office at 302-395-8362.

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April is Fair Housing Month


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