About the Association


Mission & Vision

The mission of the South Graylyn Crest Civic Association is to preserve our neighborhood’s unique character, enhance its residents’ quality of life and promote a cohesive community.

Our mission can be broken into three core areas:


Preserving South Graylyn Crest’s status as a premiere neighborhood in Brandywine Hundred.

Quality of Life

Keeping the community informed about a broad range of issues including: community safety, sanitation, traffic, parking, nuisances and the continued support of improvement to our neighborhood’s public spaces.

Community Building

Reinforcing the sense of neighborhood, providing venues to discuss key issues, sponsoring activities for community members, encouraging public service, promoting a positive image of South Graylyn Crest and supporting local businesses and institutions.


SGCCA’s Success:

The hard work of SGCCA and its members have resulted in a number of significant successes over the years, including:

  • Keeping neighbors safe from vandals through neighborhood watch
  • Keeping our streets and children safe by fighting for speed traps and speed limit signs
  • Fighting overdevelopment of South Graylyn Crest and neighboring developments that can impact our quality of life
  • Keeping the community informed through our website, newsletter and email updates
  • Bringing the community together by hosting membership building social events

To learn more about how you can become involved click here.

SGCCA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.