Community Meeting Notice To Discuss Re-development of 2925 Shipley Road

Monday, October 24, 2016 @ 7:00pm

Location: Talleyville Fire Hall, Route 202, Wilmington, DE 19803


Dear community leaders and friends,

 Please share this important information with your neighbors and friends. 

I am pleased to facilitate a community meeting on Monday, October 24, 2016 so that we as a community can learn about the redevelopment of 2925 Shipley Road. 

 The applicant, Glenn Prechtl, The ReDevelopment Company, described the plan to us at a recent meeting as follows:

 “My company is interested in subdividing 2925 Shipley Road into five (5) building lots, which is considered to be a Minor Subdivision Plan.  The existing home will remain on one of the lots and four (4) additional building lots will be created.  The new homes to be built on the four (4) building lots will be single family homes priced close to $450,000.

I have not submitted formal plans to New Castle County at this point as I am still working through the layout design of the lots.  The zoning specifics for the property are as follows:

 Zoning:         NC10 (10,000 SF lot sizes)

Lot Width:     80’

Setbacks:     25’ street, 30’ rear, 8’ sides

 My company focuses on in-fill development projects within New Castle County, and I have completed many projects similar to this within the county.

 One significant aspect of a minor plan as compared to a major plan submission is the minor plan does not require County Council approval limiting your opportunity for public comment.  If the plan complies with all laws and codes and passes New Castle County review, the plan is approved. County Council relies upon the professional guidance of the New Castle County Land Use Department and as such, New Castle County Council’s authority is limited to reviewing the development Plan to assure that the plan is consistent with all applicable state and county requirements, including adequacy of infrastructure and traffic capacity.

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